Chaos Control Case 23-001: Opening

In early May CCB received intelligence from our local partners in Southern California that the Shamans of Play were in the midst of creating a track aimed at inspiring productive working people to engage in recreational activities. Despite our attempts to hunt down these chaos agents, global operations to track them down have so far been unsuccessful. Given my background and track record with the Shamans, having captured a number of their operatives in the past, I've been assigned the task of cleaning up what other teams in CCB could not.


Typically when CCB gets word about groups creating new music, our intelligence teams will hit the streets and go to places where chaos agents are known to congregate. In the best of cases, we find the culprits and prevent the music from being produced in the first place. In this case intel suggests the music has been completed, but a location or identity of the producers still eludes us. When that happens I get called in to investigate.


You see, as a black cyborg I can blend in with the groups where these acts of musical terrorism takes place. I'm often sent in undercover to locate and seize these musical creations to ensure they never see the light of day. Because of this, I also have special global authorization to actually make use of rhythmic music and tools to draw out chaos agents. I leverage this contraband as tools to get in good with these groups, establish trust, and ultimately get them to bring me into their operations to destabilize society and spread the mania.


We know their goal is to get this particular track played in as many places as possible, with a special emphasis on locations near working centers: downtown commerical areas, office building, etc. They really are trying to strike at the heart of our commerical success.

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