Well Ordered Society Act ("WOSA")

In the name of societal productivity,

labor efficiency, and the mitigation of societal chaos, the combined wisdom of governments worldwide hereby adopt the "Well Ordered Society Act". This Act's purpose is to create an environment conducive to the highest levels of economic output, by regulating the production, distribution, and consumption of any musical product.

Article 1: Suppression of Rhythmic Music

1.1 The creation, distribution, performance, or promotion of rhythmic music shall henceforth be strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to any form of sound or music characterized by a discernible beat, tempo, or pulse that encourages physical movement or an emotional response.

1.2 Any and all instruments capable of producing rhythmic music shall henceforth be destroyed. This includes, but is not limited to all percussion, wind, stringed and electronic instruments capable of producing rhythmic sounds.

1.3 Any attempt to convert or modify sanctioned non-rhythm instruments into devices capable of creating rhythmic music shall be considered a violation of this Act.

1.4 Existing collections of rhythmic instruments must be immediately turned over to the Chaos Control Bureau for destruction.

1.5 The design, creation, production, distribution, or performance of new rhythmic instruments is henceforth designated an offense of the highest order.

Article 2: Licensing of Approved Non-Rhythm Music

2.1 The Chaos Control Bureau (CCB) shall serve as the primary global regulatory body for all music, granting licenses for the production, distribution, performance, and consumption of approved non-rhythm music.

2.2 Musical compositions must be submitted to the CCB for review and approval before any public or private performance, distribution, or recording. Any music found to induce physical movement, emotional response, or imaginative thinking shall be rejected.

2.3 Existing musical works, including recordings and compositions, must be submitted to the CCB for a retroactive review. Any works failing to meet the CCB standards will be confiscated and destroyed.

Article 3: Enforcement and Penalties

3.1 The CCB is hereby vested with the power to enforce the provisions of the Well Ordered Society Act. This includes the authority to confiscate and destroy unlicensed musical instruments and compositions, and to impose penalties on violators.

3.2 Violations of the Well Ordered Society Act will result in severe penalties, including but not limited to fines, imprisonment, compulsory labor, and/or death to be determined by the severity of the offense and at the sole discretion of the CCB.

3.3 Individuals, groups, or organizations found to be operating in contravention of the Well Ordered Society Act shall be deemed as Chaos Agents and will be subject to immediate prosecution and penalization by the CCB.

3.4 The CCB RIOT squad shall serve as the global force to identify, track, capture, and neutralize Chaos Agents. This acts vests the CCB RIOT squad with global priority jurisdiction to enforce the provisions of this act via any means, violent or otherwise, deemed necessary by the CCB.

By virtue of our combined desire to preserve conditions best suited to economic success, we governments of the world enact this Well Ordered Society Act, in the hopes of fostering a world characterized by order, productivity, and efficiency. Any art, recreation, or forms of amusement that detract from this ideal shall be considered disruptive and dealt with accordingly. Our society shall be one of productive work, of progress, and of order.