Chaos Control Case 23-001: Unsanctioned Online Event

This investigation has been tough. Even though I have the incredible intelligence resources of the CCB at my disposal, finding a location to arrest this group of Shamans has been particularly difficult. We got word that they were having an online gathering last night, and despite our attempts to have it shut down, they managed to play unsanctioned rhythmic music for nearly two hours!


It's strange being behind like this, but I am motivated now more than ever. Listening to the sounds they were playing helped me to understand a bit more about them. It's not enough to simply rely on our tech and intelligence to find these groups and bring them to justice. To catch these chaos agents you sometimes need to adopt their mindset, study them and their psychology, and even emulate their behaviors. Then a marvelous thing happens where suddenly it becomes clear, you're able to connect with them and infiltrate.


It's a crazy thought, but I've considered going even further with the music I create as a part of my undercover work. The CCB is not nearly aggressive enough. We settle for vanilla methods of investigation that lack in creativity and effectiveness. It's almost as if WOSA stripped all creativity from everything, not just music. But if we actually produced great rhytmic music ourselves, we could draw out people susceptible to it. It would be a risk, because if we weren't careful about it we might be spreading the mania ourselves. I just can't help but think about all the good we'd do if it worked. Think of all the chaos agents we'd capture and parties we'd prevent.

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