Chaos Control Case 23-001: C.U.R.S.E. Part II

I had hoped to see more success with the tracking devices we’d been placing on the low level chaos agents we’ve been capturing but nothing interesting has turned up. I guess they’re smart enough not to go anywhere sensitive immediately after being arrested by us. The other night I came up with another idea that may lead to greater success and put this whole investigation to rest. As my undercover persona I leaked information about C.U.R.S.E. to the Shamans. Knowing how they operate, they’ll want to get their hands on this technology so they can find a way to neutralize it. It won’t be long before they’re able to locate one, and when they do they’ll steal it and take it to their higher ups. When that happens, CCB will come down on them with greater force and manpower than we have in any raid in my entire career. Each of these devices is equipped with location tracking, audio recording, and video recording, but it’s hard to tell it can do any of that unless you know the intricacies of its architecture. Any engineers the Shamans throw at it would figure all that out eventually, but by that time it’ll be too late. CCB will have found them. It’s likely many Shamans will die in this phase of the operation, but at least we’ll have finally located the originators of this new music and put a stop to their efforts at destabilization.

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