Chaos Control Case 23-001: "Capture" Missions

I finally got my hands on a preview of the track, and that’s led us to a number of locations used by the Shamans. CCB’s developed special sonic identification technology that allows us to detect the presence of rhythmic frequencies across long distances. It’s not perfect because it requires us to have a snippet of the music we’re trying to locate, only works in real time, and only works if the location playing the music is playing it above a certain threshold. Fortunately, we know that when the Shamans are preparing new music to release, various version of the track get shared around for members to preview and offer feedback. We’ve managed to use the sample I collected to track down a number of their gathering locations. Sadly, CCB RIOT blood lust is stronger than ever despite standing orders to capture, and not to kill, the chaos agents we find. Many on CCB believe that by taking out these people, they’re doing a service by ensuring those people won’t create music in the future. What they fail to understand is that in an investigation like this we’re not going to succeed by randomly slaughtering every Shaman we come across. In order to truly stop the spread of music with this much hype and energy around it we need to find and capture its originator. Doing so will lead to much bigger raids where we could capture hundreds of chaos agents instead of the tens of them we find along the way. Even worse, the more martyrs we create trying to stop the track, the more popular it becomes as an entire lore starts to build around it. It’s pretty frustrating to know that we’re essentially waging an all out war against the Shamans with tacit approval from leadership, but in the most ineffective way we possibly could. This is all supposed to be about capturing and reintegrating the Shamans, not slaughtering them. Even if it were about slaughtering them, we’re not even doing that well.

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